How To Use Lookalike Audience Feature To Get Good ROI— Best Guide

Want to get most out of Facebook Advertising?

Want to reach out to people who show interest in your Product but never purchased it?

Then this Post is ideal for you!

In this case study, you will learn How to use Facebook  Lookalike Audience Feature 


So, What is a Lookalike Audience?

Lookalike Audience  can be used to create a group of audiences having same

demographics,interests,behaviors as that of the source audience from your previous ads.

It is a pretty powerful tool to use in Facebook Ads.

Procedure of making Lookalike Audience

1.  First go to Audience Tab>Then Assets>Then Choose Audience.

Go to Audiences Tab

2.  On the left hand side choose Create a Lookalike Audience.

3.  Then a Dialog box will appear in which there will be  3 options:-


Mention the source of your previously collected audience called Custom Audience.

First Create a Custom Audience  using Facebook Pixels.

I have covered this topic later in this post.

Then,add your Custom Audience or Page as your source.


Add a Location at which you want to target your Facebook Lookalike Audience.

Like United States, Canada, Ireland etc.


Audience Size

Audience Size can be choosed in the  range of 1% to 10%,

1% being closely related to the Source of the audience.

Wait the most important part is still left!

You can also make a lookalike of  people who clicked your ad,  subscribe  your newsletter, engaged with different sections of your website, and those who purchased your product,

By using Custom Audiences as a Source in Lookalike Audience.


Procedure of making Custom Audiences

1.  First go to Audience Tab>Then Assets>Then Choose Audience.\

2, Then Choose Create a Custom Audience.


This is how the Dialog Box looks like:-

Remember, Testing your ads again and again will help you optimise your ads and Custom Audiences.

Now, Get ready for an exciting journey of Lookalike Audience Targeting.

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